Apologies for my absence, i was out traveling the seas- ‘finding myself’.¬†

I’m back.

Just lost a follower for posting personal photos, uh oh…

Dearest tumblr followers (whether we speak or not!)

Please help me answer this question for my uni assignment, i need some different opinions to get my thoughts moving!

-Does technology shape us or do we shape it?

Honestly sick of seeing such selfish, self centered people clogging up my dash. Tumblr isn’t about promoting and getting ‘famous’. How about you get famous by making a change, or helping a cause? How about if you concentrated less on getting more followers you’d have more time for the real things in life? Go ahead, unfollow me, really don’t mind.

i love how people consistently reblog photo’s off my blog, yet they cannot follow me? Ahhh

Tumblr stop distracting me from packing please!